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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> 10 years since the d.c. sniper shootings. convicteding from malvo.lee boyd what he had to say about his actions. >> marking the occupy dc movement. later, how it could impact your monday morning commute. >> the world's most recognized a retailer is opening a new store in a strange place. is connected to monday night football. atod morning washington" 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. rise and shine on this monday, october 1. i am cynne simpson. i am natasha barrett. let's get to a meteorologist jeras. >> it is monday. is going to take a little to get back into the workweek.
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fog this morning across western of maryland and northern virginia. just some areas of dense fog where it could be under a quarter mile visibility. seeing that in fairfax as well. yourself extra time. jacket this morning in the district at 54 degrees. 50 at bwi, 48 in manassas, 45 in cumberland. we will get to the low 70's today with clouds increasing the showers late, but dry.of the day will be we are optimistic. head over to traffic with angela. no early issues to contend terms of accidents. we are dealing with reduced visibility on the roads. but we are getting the traffic cones out of the way. overnight construction listed 3995 in virginia as well as
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beltway, will be quite well from the springfield interchange, the inner loop pretty good to on gallows road area, also reported loop, no trouble crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. trek in maryland's around the capital beltway, even andretty good around the northwest branch region. overnight construction is gone. there's a traffic pattern with ongoing work, but not causing -- earlyer delays delays. back to you. >> thank you. jummy olabanji has been working a deadly bombing situation in afghanistan. >> we have more information. we also have some video we are getting from afghanistan. the new information is that the taliban is claiming for this attack. you can see the soldiers in surveying the area
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after this deadly bombing. recap what we told our morning, a suicide motorcycle with explosives and rammed his patrol whereo a several nato and afghanistan service members. killed andbeen injured.0 this is an area where u.s. troops patrol on a day-to-day .asis no confirmation this morning nato on whether these were u.s. troops killed. three soldiers were killed and translator was killed as well. the taliban claimed responsibility for this attack. we are trying to get more video and more inflation and hope to later. in the later jummy olabanji reporting. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, the continues into a
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shooting which wounded a man and woman. >> this happened after 10:00 night at new york and north capitol in northwest. man was shot in the leg. shot in the arm. police are not saying what led to the shooting or releasing any details on the suspects. >> prince george's county investigating a suspicious apartment fire. out before 11:30 last night in oxon hill. the fire was contained to the second floor of a three-story building. no one injured. what could be in favor of for drivers in the district. occupy dc plans to mark one year since its movement with a protest. protest brianne carter has details. >> good morning. protestors are planning a series of events to mark the anniversary of the. occupy the take a look along k street. moving fine right now. of hours there during thesruptions morning commute. participants from the occupy dc
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movement plan to shut down k street. and at 7:30 this morning the startters are expected to streets as they marched in several different buildings including the imf, bank, and lobbying in of insurance companies as well. the protestors planned to meet freedom plaza as well. a year ago they began camping at mcpherson square and were camped out for four months a ban was imposed by u.s. police. if you will be driving in this area, you will need to take an route or expect delays. they are expected to meet here around 7:00 this morning and begin marching through various creeds in this area around 7:30. reporting.ter rex marks tenure since the start r attacks that terrorized the d.c. area. convicted sniper lee boyd malvo taking responsibility for his
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spree. the shooting monster.a i mean, if you look up the that's what a monster is. thief. i stole people's lives. now 27 years old. he is serving six life sentences with no parole. in the fall of 2002, he and john allen mohammed killed 10 people critically injured three more over three weeks. mohammad was executed in 2009. it's a d.c. man faces charges in connection with an attempted at a silver spring mcdonald's. wentar-old rodney murrell up to a 13-year-old boy at the colesville restaurant on friday. he was a police to drag himtried out the building. took off after releasing the boy. d.c.s found in the hospital and the extradition hecess if it will start once has been medically cleared. >> a decade-long fight over a
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controversial business in alexandria comes to an end. power plants is closing good, taking with it more than 100 jobs. despite the loss, neighbors say e closing could not come soon enough. john gonzalez is live in alexandria to explain for us. this is definitely good news for the residents in alexandria. smokestacks are quiet this dark.g and the plant is sight, considering the plant has been burning coal 1949. one of the area's largest power plants and perhaps the biggest is shutting down today. this after a decade-long dispute residents arguing that their help was in serious danger. >> i will have to take medicine the rest my life. the plant on the potomac several names by in the past 60 years. owner claims the main reason its closing is because natural gas efficient.e neighbors believe it's much more
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do with pressure over pollution. this would be all over the neighborhood, all over the house. have the windows open. >> nearby neighbors say they have been dealing with harmful for decades. regulators have been monitoring pollution levels for years. the closure is part of an with city officials and a houston-based energy company. on the 14th floor and it will directly into my room. >> genon will receive a $32 escrow which was held in control.onmental city officials would like to use property for retail or commercial space. >> thank you. on to the presidential race, the are preparing for wednesday inebate denver. a new poll shows voters think t obama will win the upcoming debate and the election. tahman bradley reports that both
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trying to lower expectations. president obama and mitt romney during a four l showdown on wednesday at presidential debate in denver. s vegas at an la rally, president obama tried to manage expectations. >> i know folks in the media are will have theo zinger. governor romney is a good debater. >> president obama and mitt down fornkering e practice. latest polls show americans debate and the election are the presidents to .ose 63% of registered voters expect obama to win the election. that is his biggest lead so far comes to expectations. actual support among likely voters, the race is much closer, leading romney points.two that's why the debates could be turning point that
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campaign is hoping for. republican governor chris predicted romney could after a strong showing at wednesday's debate. >> i have confidence that we be shaking our heads saying it's a brand new rates. >> president obama is holding prep in nevada, working his answers short and concise. >> this is the man who killed laden, and the pastor relax. run it keeps hammering president obama's foreign policy. for a new strategy the middle east, saying the obama administration has been at rather than events -- shaping them. >> after three months almost, u.s. supreme court returned to work today. u.s. supreme court returned to work today.
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>> we are seeing lincredible from japan, which was pummeled by a typhoon this weekend. this car was parked at a marine the island of okinawa. the wind picked its opt and it was thrown across the parking lot. was in the car and no one injured. gusts up to 80 miles an hour at
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the height of the storm. s ofeft tens of thousand electricity.t >> that is unbelievable. that car is blowing around like a piece of debris. we will not see anything like that here. ever seen anything like that? >> i have seen amazing video before. tropical weather, we nadine in thebout atlantic. >> it is still out there. it has been around since september 11 and it's a hurricane again. it has not been bothering anybody, which is the good news. we have a little active weather forward to around here. nothing severe expected. this morning we are looking fog. fair skies, at around 55 degrees the dtrict. in the outlying areas. g advisory in western maryland and western virginia winchester, martinsburg, cumberland, hagerstown. down to below one-quarter mile
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at times. the sunrise is not until just after 7:00, so you should use beams. chance of showers late, 68-73. on the forecast in five minutes. first let's check of traffic with angela. >> thank you and good morning. patchy fog to contend with as we workweek.the traffic moving quite well especially towards the capital beltway. now that we've gotten rid of the zone on 95 between we arecksburg and selma, moving better. 3 to dale city, under 30 minutes to get you there. 15 minutes from dale city to the beltway. in maryland on 95, still quiet from laurel. minutes from 695 to the beltway. it's clear on the baltimore-
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washington parkway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:15, 52 degrees. >> an interesting admission the head of homeland security. not see her keeping tabs on her black. . giving you a chance
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>> the supreme court begins its
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today.m this month the justices will consider a case involving the f texas and the use racial preferences in college and missions. take uprd will also issues of gay marriage and voter id laws. -- a fun giving celebrate the fall season. 46 you have a chance to win four tickets to cox farms fall festival and four tickets to -- to fields fear fear. 02 our facebook page. we will announce the winner. .to our facebook page >> adam caskey was the farm on friday. i'm dying for some apple cider. >> its great to see the farm animals and have some family
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fun. its a little chilly outside at this hour. talking about conditions in the bad, clear skies the low toatures in mid 50's across the region. fog be our biggest concern this morning. inare seeing that developing n maryland and northern virginia. visibility down to a quarter mile or less in some areas. tech out your temperature is now. gaithersburg and frederick, 43 in martinsburg. we will gradually warmed up throughout the day. are in between two systems. had sprinkles late yesterday evening. you can see that right here. pulling away from us. to take its place, clouds on the western should be arriving later on today. the rain has been heavy across parts of the deep south. a strong area of low pressure some wind to go along
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with it. it will take its time writing up through here. will stay in the one sector the most part, so are temperatures will be -- will bebi comfortable. today, increasing clouds, late- s possible, 68-73. shaw was more likely late tonight, 52-60. there's a chance of rain on and off through the morning on wednesday. of 81 degrees.e then we will slide down with temperatures. let's check on traffic now with angela. >> good morning, everyone. traffic volumes are starting to build. quite well around the capital beltway in virginia and maryland. headed towards the now, notn 66 right many traffic troubles making the trip from front grill all the 695.o once you get to the beltway, as well.
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a live look at the american legion from the inner loop, andructive passing 270 over to back to you. >> thank you. rural areas of the u.s. will be getting greater access to the internet. bother trying to e-mail the homeland security secretary. john muller has details. rural america starts worked today to areas thatband low or no internet service. not be as fast as wireless service, but it's believed 14 million rural have no access. there could be long lines next month for .he nintendo wii application has all kinds of problems it's working on.
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don't bother sending an e-mail to janet napolitano. says she does not use e-mail for a number of reasons. her agency is responsible for internet security. i'm john muller. [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military.
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i served in the e army, two tours over there. when i got back from iraq, i was searching for new jobs. [ lionel hamilton ] veterans make great employees, because you know they've already got expertise and they've got job skills instilled in them from the military. [ kreg smith ] what i've learned, being deployed overseas, is a high sense of adaptability, leadership skills, and teamwork. [ lionel hamilton ] ge doesn't hire veterans because they're veterans. we hire veterans because they're extremely qualified.
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stepping up in the pocket. zone! end >> michael vick and the are off toa eagles
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a 3 and 1 start. chance york giants had a philadelphia in the last night, but .hey came up short the eagles hold on, 19-17. the eagles have not won a game points.o was not the only one that came down to a last-second field goal attempt. mchenry.itt sometimes you say only the redskins. only the redskins can have two players injured each other before the game starts, giving .p an 18-point lead, an alfred morris cuts up the , through everyone for 30- 9 yard touchdown. had 113 yards and a touchdown. the buccaneers trail 21-19.
5:28 am
the bucks get a one point lead. and it comes down to billy already missed three of them, 41 yards to go. he just makes it. redskins, 2-2. >> even though it's not a long , it's early in the so we are proud of being 2.nd >> the nationals are back home tonight. the national number two in the , one game. so they could do it tonight. have a great day. >> thanks so much. looking at 52 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. still ahead, you could say the orioles were thrilled after sunday's game against the red sox. sunday's game against the red sox.
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sunday's game against the red sox. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where?
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it has beenahead, one year since occupy dc movement. why protesters plan to mark the and h this could impact your right to work. good morning, washington. monday, october 1. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> good morning. fog been to start. that is a concern, especially in n maryland and northern virginia. will cause visibility to be or less atmile times. areas, this will be of concern. a mile inf and martinsburg in e same boat. even gaithersburg has patchy fog with visibility at about 1 mile.
5:33 am
slowdown and give yourself extra work or whatever destination. 47 degrees at dulles, 46 in gaithersburg, 54 in the district, 43 it -- 48 in manassas. will increase today with f showers late. most of the day will be dry highs in the low 70's. now to traffic with. with >> good morning. patchy fog, reduced visibility our viewers this morning. see a fewrting to troublespots. in the district, piney branch blair road, blocked with downed trees and wires. use caution trying to get through that region. delays are starting to form for folks on 95 northbound between stanford and fredericksburg. we are on the brakes especially 3 and 17. once you get past the work zone, bad continuing through the
5:34 am
newington area. you will not see any major delays for the most part. there's a paving operation on fairfax county parkway ringfellow road. your morning commute could expected,r than thanks to occupy dc protestors. they plan to mark the anniversary of the movement with on k street. brianne carter has details. >> disruptions or delays e possible for b drivers this morning. protesters plan a series of events to mark the anniversary of the occupy movement in the district. look at k street right now. fine. are looking just in a matter of hours it could be a different scene. participants plan to shut down k street starting at 7:30 this morning. expected to appeal the area and marched through several different areas. we are expecting there will be
5:35 am
two different groups marching. split up into other groups. according to their web site, that, protesters are planning to convene at freedom plaza and another event is scheduled around 11:30 this morning. about a year ago the encampment at mcpherson square began. protesters were living in tents a 41 month before u.s. area.olice raided the months.ts four >> we are about to learn more t the woodbridge, virginia, a schooled of killing superintendent in new york. anthony taglianetti is expected in court this week. he shot and killed keith reed outside the man's home in new york. reports the suspect was havingnged wife with a man. she did not comment on the
5:36 am
spokes on friday when we she believes is guilty of murder and she's glad he's in jail. >> a hearing is set today for shooting aused of security guard at the family research council in downtown d.c. floyd corkins pleaded not guilty was found competent to stand trial. he remains in jail. prosecutors say that he walked into the conservative lobbying building in august and shot a security guard in the arm. investigators say that before he fired, he said he did not like the group's politics. >> several new laws take effect in maryland today. under 8 years old a child safety seat least -- unless they are 4 foot 9 inches tall. mopeds and motor scooters must have a title and a decal. employers must not ask employees forplying for work forr user name or password social networking sites.
5:37 am
people convicted of of federal crime or an offense in another will not be allowed to own n maryland. >> the baltimore orioles team plane had its flight to tampa diverted to jacksonville because of smoke in the galley. spokesman said the aircraft was inspected and was deemed ok around 10:15 sunday night. the orioles open a series bay raised tampa tonight. the orioles clinched a playoff angeles angelsos lost in texas. the washington nationals kicking final homestand of the regular season tonight. series against philadelphia phillies will teddy roosevelt. fans attending the game will s ceive promotional item teddy-themed. teddy has not won a single
5:38 am
president's race. there's still hopes for him. we will be checking in with jummy olabanji. about the shortage of bacon. there's some big news for bacon lovers. >> this is big news for lovers.r this morning they are calling the whole report that came out week saying there's a -- baloney.bacon they say the price of bacon in be aoming months might inflated because of the ofse rumor that came out week saying there a shortage of pigs. but they say there's no shortage. we may see prices go up as much 10%.
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so that's the bad news. e price could remain high, but there's enough to go-around. have it this morning, go make it because you still be able to get it on store shelves. back to you. >> thank you. i need to stock of my freezer. >> it is 51 degrees. >> a new gamble for the maryland state lottery. >> a new gamble for the m[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at ctibank. >> this is ike leggett, county executive, in silver spring, saying washington., >> good morning, washington. foggyacqui jeras on this monday. it's not in the district but in the outlying areas. effect fog advisory in extreme northern virginia and western maryland. will be down 2 1/4 less, so be aware of that in hagerstown towards winchester. be until 10:00 this morning. temperatures, 43 in martinsburg, 47 at dulles airport, 48 in manassas. today's forecast, looking for. for
5:43 am
there will be a few showers late. the later in the day, the chance.the 68-73 degrees. showers more likely tomorrow. they will linger into wednesday morning. temperatures will be heating up a little. 81 on wednesday before the cooldown begins. let's check on traffic with angela. >> we are seeing reduced some viewersfor this monday morning. still moving quite well especially on the key routes. lanhamland, in down 53 to the beltway looks good. 50 through lanham looks good. 270, the delays start urbana and continued through past clarksburg. moving nicely on 3 95 northbound in virginia. we've delays on 95 northbound fredericksburg, but once get to springfield we are
5:44 am
moving at a good pace. back to you. >> thank you. 5:43. the ryland state lottery plans to allow maryland residents to purchase traditional lottery tickets through their computers .nd smartphones the program would allow users to purchases from an existing lottery retailer with a debit .ard for the program can move forward, there will be 45 days comment. and looking at 52 degrees. >> arnold schwarzenegger is opening up about his
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coming up at 6:00, why our
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willtrucks in the district cost more starting today. a traffic nightmare. what caused china's version of carmageddon. >> and a disk that changed the industry. all that coming up at 6:00? . beatie" the show will single room in her apartment in new york city. some big names will join in on the fund as she shares cooking yesterday at 4:00 p.m. on abc 7 >> . 5:00 we will you to a pioneer in women's athletics. mamie johnson, one of only three negroto play in the old league. her story of playing at the same and her great record. the city has recognized her with a special honor.
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that's tonight at 5:00. traffic moving again along one the nation's busiest highways. 405 stretch of interstate angeles was shut down this weekend for work. officials warned of a possible carmageddon, but the massive jam never happened. there was a similar shuown year, which did not end up having any major traffic. traffic >> the book is out. the autobiography by former california governor arnold gets bookstore shelves today. is called total recall. he talks about the highs and including alife, affairs. now more. that hets in his book had an affair with his co-star when he was in a h maria shriver.
5:50 am
>> was that the only a fair? affair? >> it was not. know?es maria c >> yes. he also admitted to an his longtime housekeeper. he said that he is suspected he n whenfather of their so was around 7 or 8. .> he looked like me but i never discussed, together.ings >> he said that maria shriver about it during a session.g >> she said i think that joseph .s your kid
5:51 am
>> i said you are correct. >> she filed for divorce last year. reflected on it. >> do you have to remind yourself of it or is it always there? >> it's always there. the latest fast-food chain looking to revamp its image. >> and nintendo has a hit on its hands with gamers. let's get to linda bell for more at bloomberg headquarters in new york. if you are making a list and twice, the nintendo will not be in store shelves until november 18, but gamers already gobbled up every order option including best buy, game stop and walmart. something nintendo may not have enough of them to go-around. it's possible diaper shortage
5:52 am
looming. there was an explosion at a japanese factory that used inures a chemical products. the chemical is what makes the absorbent. cake will be one of items at arby's restaurant as well as turkey sandwiches. it is trying to shake off a fast-food image. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> 5:52 is the time. let's check out the weather. >> 51 degrees right now. a little 5 degrees where we should be. so we can complain a little. we have a little fog this
5:53 am
morning, so that will be a concern. there's a live look over the potomac this morning. we are looking at mostly clear skies in the district. it is the outlying areas where low visibility. 3 cents a mile in hagerstown. the same in martinsburg. 2.5 miles in winchester. andes in hagerstown martinsburg. 10:00.ould lift by it's 45 degrees in gaithersburg, 48 in culpeper. .2 degrees in easton the showers late yesterday have moved out. the next system is ready to drive with increasing clouds. there you can see all the thundershowers in tennessee valley will move
5:54 am
our way. be a little action by late tonight. the low pressure area will bring some wind. sector, sohe one increase thewill next couple days before we want thing out late in the day on wednesday. forecast, increasing clouds, a late-day showers 68-73.e, showers more likely to night, 52-60. look at wednesday, 81 degrees. but we will see drier weather afternoon and then the temperatures will slide. it looks like a taste of fall by the weekend. now to angela. >> starting to see things picking up a little. still dealing with a downed trees and wires. selby ranch road that in the district. eastbound is blocked with downed trees and wires. still a nice commute. for the most part.
5:55 am
dealing with a little patchy fog. manassas, that is. in maryland, there is a trouble 270.on it was originally reported northbound. it is in the medium, slowing things down northbound as well as southbound. already an existing delay pastgh the urbana area clarksburg into a germantown. back to you. >> thank you. degrees. golfers are used to getting trophies and money for winning a tournament. trophies and money for winning a to[ may ] el centro is located in the east end of houston. our basic services are healthcare.
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we have been driven by the needs of the community. what is it that they can't access? and then how can we provivide access to those services? ge came in with the tools and the skills to make it even better. ♪ [ may ] because of the ge foundation, we've been able to see 2,000 more patients. that's 2,000 opportunities to make people better.
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that belonged to clyde have a new owner. want toon who did not named paid more than a half- guns atdollars for the auction in new hampshire this weekend. was whenn the left 1934 ine killed in n heriana and it was o thigh. returns with the stars" tonight. remaining celebrities hope judges and the viewers. >> is down to 12 starts after of pamelaation anderson last week. will perform either the the quickstep tonight.
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it's the fun right here on abc 7. tomorrow second celebrity gets .he boot the tortoise secret is opening up its store in an unlikely place. it is located inside cowboys stadium outside dallas. victoria's secret is teaming up nfl for a collection of underwear and lounge in its stores. it will include the names and logos of every single nfl team. we are getting a better idea how popular the real after their lockout .nded last week with soda --posed photographs with popular ed.ree he's like a rock star. >> at the ryder cup in
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